Teeth normally contact each other very tightly. Separators have been placed between your teeth in order to move them apart slightly so that orthodontic bands and/or appliances may be placed at your next appointment.

Usually there will be some sensitivity and discomfort as the teeth move apart. If so, some relief can be obtained by rinsing the mouth three times daily with a very warm solution of ½ teaspoon salt in a glass of water. Motrin or Advil also may be of help.

The separators may become loose between appointments. This is simply due to the natural movement of the teeth and is no cause for concern. You should make every possible effort to keep the separators in place and avoid chewing gum and other sticky foods.


If they come out more than one day before the day you are scheduled to have your braces placed, please call the office to have the separators replaced. This is not an emergency.

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