Aparato Herbst

El Herbst es un aparato que empuja la mandíbula inferior hacia adelante., y estar en esta posición estimula su crecimiento y desarrollo. Usamos este aparato cuando el paciente aún está creciendo. Si el aparato no funciona por falta de cooperación, Es posible que la sobremordida deba corregirse a una edad posterior con cirugía ortognática..

We recommend to wear the Herbst for approximately 8-12 meses. It is going to take a few weeks to get adjusted so please be patient. Be careful with your appliance, and don’t play with your tongue and fingers, because you could damage it. Avoid excessively opening your mouth and to move your lower jaw sideways because you can break the lateral screw. Avoid sleeping on the side of your face since this pressure pushes the cheek into the screw head, and could create a large sore or ulcer. Eat carefully, avoid hard food, we recommend soft diet (shakes, yogurt, soups) and to cut down your food in small pieces.

At the beginning, you will be biting only with your front teeth and the back teeth won’t contact each other, so you will feel different when you eat and swallow. After a couple of weeks, the posterior teeth will settle back together. Your mouth will feel full, speaking will be difficult and you may notice that you are producing more saliva than normal. The lower jaw, tongue, cheeks, back teeth and neck muscles may be sore. Only if needed you can take Tylenol or Ibuprofen, after a few weeks you are going to feel better.

Occasionally screws may come loose, please remove the lateral arms and bring them to your next appointment. The lateral arms may come apart, you can open widely and try to align them together.  If you feel areas that are painful inside of your cheeks apply wax and communicate with us to schedule an appointment. Remember to brush your teeth and keep the appliance clean.