Emergency Orthodontic Care in Orlando

Proper care of your braces will help avoid most emergencies , but sometimes issues may arise. Most problems like broken and  missing  brackets , or missing  ties  are not considered true emergencies,  and can be handled during regular business hours or at home. An emergency appointment may be made when there is severe pain that you can’t take care of. Call our office at (407) 857-0800 at your earliest convenience, we will give you additional information or  schedule a longer appointment  to repair  loose brackets or appliances.

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Problems and Solutions:

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  • Loose Band, Bracket or Appliance: If a band or bracket becomes loose, don’t be alarmed. If it is still attached to wire, leave in place. If uncomfortable, place wax on it. 
  • Poking or Protruding Wire: Try to place wire back in place with tweezers. If a wire protrudes or is irritating , use a blunt instrument ( eraser end of a pencil,  Q-tip or a cotton swab) to push the wire so that it is flat against the tooth. If the wire cannot be moved into a comfortable position, cover the end with relief wax, a cotton ball, or a piece of sugarless gum. If that is not possible, clip the wire with fingernails clippers behind last tooth to which it is securely fastened. Reduce the possibility of the patient swallowing the snipped piece of wire by using folded tissue or gauze around the area. 
  • Discomfort: If your teeth become sore after a visit, we generally recommend that you take an analgesic such as Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) or ibuprofen (e.g., Advil, Motrin). This, of course, is the protocol only if there are no known allergies to these medications. Rinsing with Peroxyl or a cup of warm water and teaspoon of salt can also be soothing.
  • Sores: Some patients are susceptibles to episodes of mouth sores. They may be precipitated or exacerbated by an irritation from braces. This is not an emergency, but it may be very uncomfortable for the patient . Prompt relief may be achieved by applying a small amount of topical anesthetic ( such as Orabase or Ora-Gel).
  • Spacing : If you notice some small spaces developing between your teeth while you have braces on, don’t panic! This is not an emergency , and is usually normal and expected as teeth move into different positions, particularly in the early stages of treatment. They will be closed eventually. 

  • Missing Separators : If a rubber spacer or separator  falls out, this is not and emergency and we recommend you to call us during business hours.  You could try to replace it your self by threading a couple pieces of floss through it and then pulling it under and up between the teeth. Then remove the floss.

  • Food Caught Between Teeth: this is not an emergency , but can be uncomfortable . It is easily fixed  with  a piece of dental floss, toothpick,  or a small interproximal  brush to dislodge the food caught between teeth and braces.  
  • Gum Bleeding: If you experience any gum bleeding when brushing or flossing, that usually means there is a local area of inflammation. Continue to keep the area clean by brushing, flossing, and rinsing with Peroxyl. If a particular area is painful or you notice a bump of any sort, you should address this to your orthodontist as soon as possible.

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